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Best & Worse Sweeteners For Weight Loss – Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners

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Best & Worse Sweeteners For Weight Loss – Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners

In this video Certified Holistic Health Coach Corrina Rachel explains all of the different natural and artificial sweeteners and explains which one’s are the best and which ones are the worst. This nutrition information is great to improve your health and help you lose weight.

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31 thoughts on “Best & Worse Sweeteners For Weight Loss – Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners

  1. I used to be super addicted to soda, coke and Pepsi to be specific. It's been a month now since I've had any and I still get really bad cravings for it

  2. Corina great video, very informative. as a type 2 diabetic my doctor recommended me to use sweet-n-low, Equal or any artificial sweeteners. Can you recommend a sweetener for me. thanks in advance.

  3. I am addicted to sugar straight up sugar. I load it in my coffee and on my cereal. I don't eat a lot of sweet desserts or candies or anything like that. I don't like soda or anything else sweetened. Hate artificial sugars. I tried to eliminate sugar and it was harder than cigarettes. I'm hooked. Maybe I should try to wean myself.

  4. I always chew gum after meals to freshen my breath, but that has aspartame in it. Do you have a healthy recommendation for a breath freshener that doesn't involve carrying a toothbrush everywhere with you?

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